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I am a keen amateur underwater photographer and technical diver. I lived for a while in Vanuatu, home of the SS Coolidge,�spectacular coral reefs, and.......caves!!

I started diving in the late 70's and have been fortunate enough to dive in many countries around the world including Hawaii, the Cook Islands, PNG, New Caledonia, Turkey, The Red Sea, Scotland and New Zealand. It's fair to say that I am obsessed with all things aquatic, but mostly closed circuit rebreathers, cameras and caves!�For me, the�ultimate thrill is to discover, survey and photograph virgin cave passages.

Home for my family and I is Adelaide, South Australia, famous for great temperate diving, Leafy Seadragons, White Sharks and stunning freshwater cave systems. All my fishing knowledge is gained from many sourses, especially fishing blogs on the web.

I�am an anaesthetist, and�also work part time as�a physician in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (at the Royal Adelaide Hospital). I hope you enjoy my site, prepared with the help of Neil "Webguy" Miller, from www.diveoz.com.au� Good job Webby!

Some of my�FAVOURITE�images HERE�(frequently changing).


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Email Harry on divedoc AT adam.com.au (sorry I am sick of spam!)


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HERE, if you would like to view a list of some of my published articles you can see that list HERE.
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Underwater Imaging

A selection of my UW images. The new digital technology is sweeping the world, and you can see some of the results here... .....


I am a keen mud rat and explorer of flooded caves. To see some Australian and Vanuatu Cave exploration, look here... .....

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